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Thread: Password: toor is wrong?

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    Default Password: toor is wrong?

    Hi all,
    I'm using BT5-KDE-64 and I have 2 problems
    -First: After booting, I can't choose any mode in mode screen. After 30s, it log-in automatically but I can't log-in to BT. I use laptop Dell Inspiron 5010.
    -Second: I boot BT on my desktop and I can choose mode by pressing <Tab> (not working on my laptop). Then I type "startx" but loading screen appear but it can't start GUI environment. Then I type "login" and type "root" password: "toor" but it announce "Login incorrect" not announce "wrong password".

    Anyone can help me solve 2 problems above (especial the first because my desktop have no wi-fi card)
    Thank in advance and sorry for my English.

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    Default Re: Password: toor is wrong?

    You should have to enter your username and password before it prompts you for startx. Usually after a successful boot first thing that comes up is the login prompt. Also be careful sometime you get a lag and there is a second or two after typing root, wait for the prompt for password before starting to type.
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    Default Re: Password: toor is wrong?

    If this is what I'm thinking it's the result of a corrupted download/image. Try redownloading the img/iso file and reburning it to a disc. Make sure you have the burn speed the lowest it will go (generally 2x).

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    Default Re: Password: toor is wrong?

    On my laptop and desktop BT5 KDE didn't work while BT4-R2 did, downloaded BT5 Gnome and both worked.

    Can't tell you why it's different and one is 64 bit the other 32, both with nvidia video cards. Suck it and see if different versions work.

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