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Thread: Lost data using BT 5

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    Default Lost data using BT 5

    I have saved some test files on Backtrack 5 desktop, when I click power off the machine on Oracle VM Virtualbox, all saved files lost and disappeared!!

    Unlike Windows, you dont lose data when you shutdown the machine.

    How do you get around to it to save data when you shutdown Virtualbox?


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    Default Re: Lost data using BT 5

    Have you run the "install backtrack" script that's sat on the desktop?

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    Default Re: Lost data using BT 5

    If you're running BT5 in a virtual machine, verify that you have the disk mode set to persistent (so changes are written to disk). Otherwise, what you describe will happen with every shutdown.
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    Default Re: Lost data using BT 5

    You are running a live install this is only held in memory and is lost when the puter is turned off, look at the persistant usb install via the how-to see how to install with changes remembered

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