hi matrix75
There are many guides on internet of installing products "only for windows" on ubuntu-lucid using WINE !!!
Go to backtrack-Applications -> Wine -> Configure Wine, and make sure the Applications tab, under Windows version at the bottom there is "Windows XP".
Now, go and get an installer or a CD of MS Office. Enter it and click on the setup file, starting it with Wine with a doubleclick or by clicking the right mouse button choosing Open with WINE
Now follow the instructions to install MS Office without problems. Warning: If you arrived in the middle of the installation progress bar will appear to hang, without advancing. Do not worry, wait a few minutes and you will receive the message "Installation Complete".
Now you must go to Applications -> Wine -> Configure Wine, and go to the tab "Libraries". From the "New override for library", choose the library riched20 and click Add. Select the newly imported library and clicking Edit checked the "Native (Windows)".
This procedure will allow PowerPoint,word,exel and other tools to be launched properly.

Well, start Word, Excel or whatever you want via backtrack-Applications -> Wine -> Programs -> Microsoft Office.
to open a file "microsoft office" you can also use the right click> open with wine!
I translated what I used (google translator) excuse any syntax errors and I hope to check out was of help!bye