Hey everyone,

First of all you have to know that I have a laptop using the OPTIMUS technology, so I have two gpus : an IGP (intel) and a nvidia cards. It worked for me on gentoo, debian, ubuntu (with ubuntu/PRIME working !!) and also fedora (15).

When I boot backtrack using the liveDVD by using the default boot (text mode) option (on the top) I get a blank screen after the boot (after the screen where you can see the output of dmesg it turns blank), I think backtrack is trying to set up the nvidia card as the default card (it's impossible with an optimus laptop ! you can't switch card ! Even in windows you can only emulate another X server to optimize some applications), to work the operating system MUST uses the intel IGP (driver i901) as default.

I can boot using the second boot text mode but it uses the VESA card (framebuffer) so it's very slow, I can start the installer but I am waiting : will backtrack boot once installed? How can I fix this issue? (I was thinking to compile a new kernel)

First I have a question ? Why is backtrack (based on ubuntu 10.04) not working while ubuntu 10.04 works well on my laptop (it uses the intel IGP as default) why did the backtrack developer change the graphic configuration of ubuntu (wihch is the most supported !!)?

I am new to backtrack and realy want to use it ! If you need to know something for helping me, ask me and I will answer immediatly.

Iam french so sorry for the way i'm speaking english .