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Thread: Problems running BT5 in Parallels

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    Talking Problems running BT5 in Parallels [solved some]

    Hey all,

    I've decided to install BT5 in Parallels (on a Mac) as a virtual machine since triple booting is a bit of a pain and I cannot give up my Windows partition (I need that one for work ). After setting everything up and installing some drivers, everything worked fine, until I've decided to install the parallels tools (since the newest version is supporting Ubuntu 10.04LTS). Since then some settings seem to deactivate themselves regularly. These include:

    1. Desktop animations (they are deactivated immediately upon restarting them...) fixed that by "disabling functionality checks" under "advanced" in the "desktop effects" dialogue of the system settings
    2. The size of the (maximized) panel returns to half the screens size after every reboot (KDE) seems to be a common problem, this also happens after unplugging an external monitor, when the screen resolution refreshes
    3. The boot screen is now at a 800x600 resolution

    Thanks in advance for your help and for every parallels user willing to share his secret on how to run BT5 smoother

    greetings George
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