i am doing some research on password lists for a security tutorial. now i am with psychology of passwords for a quite while now. What came to my attention lately is the idea to automatically create a passphrase list from a huge text file with an ebook for example. Now to be clear, lets take an example. I need a little ruby magic or shell magic which does THIS: I want to input a text file and want the script to output the list of the passphrases from within this text. When a "." appears it should include the dot in the current passphrase, do a CR and let the next passphrase begin. Example:

Text Input Textfile:
The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. Always look on the bright side of life. Hello World. Blablabla. This is a test.

Now the output file must look like this:

I guess that is pretty easy - but as i am not quite familiar with that stuff - please can anyone take five minutes to figure that out? Would be highly appreciated.

best regards,