I am new to backtrack and have been setting it up over the last couple days. I am running it on a HP dv6t laptop and everything is working except for my wifi. I have tried connecting to my home network (WEP encryption) using Wicd. It appears to be working but then Wicd says "Connection failed: Unable to get IP address".

I have read some other threads and at least one other person had this same problem, but no one knew a fix. Some said it was a problem with dhclient.

I have a Alfa AWUS036H adapter and neither the Alfa or my laptops internal wifi card would connect. The Ethernet (eth0) connection works perfectly with my router and obtains an IP just fine. I have never had a problem connecting to my router with wifi in Windows.

I hope there is a simple fix for this. Please clearly explain what I need to do or if I need to provide more info because I am relatively new to Linux.