Im new to linux and backtrack but have managed to crack my wifi network when set to 64 and 128 bit wep but have a couple of questions im hoping someone can answer.

1:-Mac changer

Is the mac changer used only to spoof a clients mac address or is it changed anyways for security?

2:- arp requests

a couple of times when getting arp requests i get lots each time but usually i only get 1 at a time so my data goes up slowly, is there a way to increase the amount of arps i get?

Another problem i am facing though is dictionary attacks on my psk network.

i use:- aireplay-ng -0 -5 -a (bssid) (wcard)

aircrack-ng -w (dictionary) (cap file)

and the scan seems to be going fine but the end result is it does not find my key even though its in the password list. (is there a way to speed up the scan)

sorry if bits dont seem to make sense, jumping to linux form windows is like starting again =p

Forgot to add im using alfa awuso36h