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Thread: NEED HELP with downloading .iso

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    Default NEED HELP with downloading .iso

    OK, I'm new to using linux, I'm using Ubuntu (latest version), I'm not getting anywhere with this download OK so I downloaded bt5 direct 32 bit KDE iso.
    I see it in my downloads (ubuntu). I can burn a copy to DVD, but it says it fails after download. When I use the md5sum command in the terminal, I get a file not found message. I need to know what to do. Am I downloading it wrong? getting a corrupted file or something more sinister Any help would be very appreciated thanks.

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    Default Re: NEED HELP with downloading .iso

    I assume you got BT5 from here at If so, I'd try the download again, and see what md5sum tells you then.
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    Default Re: NEED HELP with downloading .iso

    When you check the md5sum are you in the same dir as ISO

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    Default Re: NEED HELP with downloading .iso

    Try downloading it as a torrent, and then in your torrent client, righ click on the BackTrack-Torrent and select "Verify local data" (transmission).. That should do the trick

    I always use torrents for iso's, because of that option. If a little data is missing, it will download the missing data, so you don't have to start all over again with the download.
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    Default Re: NEED HELP with downloading .iso

    The MD5sum can verify if you have an exact copy of the file you are attempting to download.

    You need to clarify "but it says it fails after download" means, have you tried to boot from the dvd you made

    I have downloaded BT iso's and the size has been only 10 or 100 megabytes. These were obviously cut short downloads but this can happen even if 99.99% of the download has been completed.

    the resulting ISO will fail at some point so compareing the listed iso MD5 against your download file MD5 is the first thing you have to confirm before attempting to burn and then install or run BT.

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