I had the 32 bit version of BT5 installed and it seemed to be working quite well. I decided I wanted to install an SSD on my system. The cloning process went terribly wrong, something to do with copying grub over. Needless to say had to do a fresh install on both windows7 and BT. I decided that this time around I would try out 64bit BT. I have not really seen any speed boosts but have noticed some quirkiness in the way some of the programs run now. The gerix wifi cracker gui worked fine on 32 bit but it seems that some of the underlying code is broken in 64 bit. There was a pipe error when trying auto populate the mac and I have not been able to get a "cracked" hex password to work in testing. But this is only one example. I have also seen what appears to be a bit of a slow down on loading on boot. I am about to move BT off of my HDD and on to a partition on the SSD but am looking for advice on which version to use now. 64 bit or 32 bit?

Using a G53SW with 10 gigs of RAM and with a 1.5gig Nvidia processor