Hi, In my desktop I have an ethernet card and a wireless PCI card ( D-Link DWA 552)as well. When accessing an AP is it necessary to spoof the MAC for the ethernet card (eth0)?

If the wireless card will be doing all the work, then I will only need to spoof the MAC for the wireless card, correct. So if only the wireless card is sending packets and probes it isn't necessary to mask ethernet because the AP won't be receiving any data from the ethernet card. Or is it possible the AP might receive ethernet card data somehow (when the D-Link card sends packets, maybe it sends ethernet card info too?). In which case I would have to spoof it for authentication? Or change it in case of MAC filtering?

I'm thinking I just leave it alone, and only spoof wireless card MAC..

Sorry if this question is stupid, amateurish..

I've successfully changed the MAC of my wireless card.