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Thread: xp dualboot, home using

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    Lightbulb xp dualboot, home using

    My knowledge in Linux is great for the average user. Do you recommend that I use BackTrack for research in Internet security and as a home user (I watch movies, listen to music, etc.)

    I have one more question. Can I do dualboot with windows, so if we do not like backtrack deleting it, and that just left XP.

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    Default Re: xp dualboot, home using

    refresh :$

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    Yes backtrack is good for testing for security. And you can Dual-Boot, just make sure u have an empty partition to install too. But why dual boot, why not just use a live cd or usb. See how you get on with backtrack then decide on wether u want it permanently . You can also make a USB with persistent mode if u r saving bits.

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