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Thread: ARP MITM attack on external network

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    Default ARP MITM attack on external network

    Hello everyone,

    First I am new to most of this and am stepping into a newer area. I don't claim to be smart or brilliant on any of this. Just willing to learn and become a student of the trade. My question is as follows:

    How do I perform an ARP attack on the external network/bypassing the router completely, without disconnecting it and directly plugging into my cable modem?

    Example, I want to perform an ARP attack on a cluster of networks after gaining entry to an encrypted router. I imagine I'd have to try default usernames/passwords on the router itself and open it up for all traffic in order to get the information back from the external network?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Default Re : ARP MITM attack on external network

    I may be mistaken, not being an expert and all, but I think you should read about ARP ! They don't exist in an external network. I mean you don't receive nor send ARPs to servers, or even ISP routers.
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    Default Re: ARP MITM attack on external network

    ComaX is right. Mac addresses are not given out on externally, only internally. Also it must have a specific setup. You and your victim must be on a switch.

    Read up and good luck.

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