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Thread: Accessing a shared hosted website through it's IP

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    Default Accessing a shared hosted website through it's IP

    First things first, I googled this however I didn't find anything. To be honest, I am not quite sure what my key words should be.

    What I am trying to achieve is access a site through it's IP address rather than its URL. For example - I won't open google with, but rather with . So far so good. However, most sites have shared hosting. So that 1 IP address is hosting multiple web pages. From what I found out from google and from some personal 'tests' they mostly work on the principle:
    http://IPaddress/~user , where user is usually 8 letters/digits.

    So here is where my question stands - is it possible and if yes, how can I find the "user" so that I can access the site this way?

    Thanks in advance for any input.


    Sorry for the links, didn't realise they were inappropriate.

    However, until when will all my actions be moderated? This topic took like 5 days to get approved :/ I almost forgot I posted it. And due to that delay the topic is now on page 2 (despite actually being approved yesterday/today) where almost no one will look :|
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    Default Re: Accessing a shared hosted website through it's IP

    Just to let you know

    Your questions on the /~user

    You have to guess cpanel users are created with a 5 to 6 characters

    some for example would be a possibility of


    Not to mention a lot of hosting companies the privileges from people being able to use


    as it causes a vital security risk

    You have to learn how cpanel operates in order to understand what im saying a lot better

    You just have to guess

    however there are various other ways to get such users on a server but im not going to explain that

    Hopes this helps

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    Default Re: Accessing a shared hosted website through it's IP

    One way to do this is to have a wordlist containing usernames you'd like to try. You can get these anywhere, if you can find a list of employee email addresses you can try those. Backtrack comes with tools that can be used to get that information (see theharvester and metagoofil for example). Once you've compiled a wordlist, you can read through it and use curl against each username:

    while read line; do
        curl -s -f${line} > /dev/null 2>&1
        if [[ $? -eq 22 ]]; then
            echo "no such user ${line}"
            echo "found user ${line}"
    done < users.txt
    curl returns error code 22 when it encounters a 404 HTTP error, which is what you'd typically get if the user's page doesn't exist.

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