I didn't know where to post this. If it turns out to be a bug or Moderator thinks it should be somewhere else I'll move it.

First off I should tell you am running BT5 64 bit w/GNOME.

I created a non-priveleged user account with adduser [username] from command line logged in as root. When I login a warning comes up that the switchuser applet isn't working and asks if I'd like to delete it. From the System dropdown menu it will let me logout but not switchuser.

I'm not concerned about how to fix. I haven't tried but am confident I got the skilz to fix it. My question is if this was disabled by design by the infinitely more capable BT team. I guess what I want to know is if the SwitchUser applet is a security risk as I use it every day on Debian w/GNOME.

Thanx for the help. Great distro