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Thread: Backtrack 5 ARM on Xoom 3.2 Permissions

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    Default Backtrack 5 ARM on Xoom 3.2 Permissions

    Hey all,

    I followed the tut put up here

    I was able to get it up and running properly. However, I am having issues with the permissions within the VNC session. I am not able to create docs, folders etc... Has anyone else seen this? I have tried creating them on Desktop, root folder, documents etc.. Does anyone have a fix for it? I tried running as SU before creating things and still nothing. Thanks in advance for the replies.
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    Default Re: Backtrack 5 ARM on Xoom 3.2 Permissions

    not sure but it sounds vnc related.. it could be a vnc user permission error.. do you get errors when creating files from the command line? what does a 'whoami' return while logged in through vnc?

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