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Thread: My first real script..

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    Default My first real script..

    Hi, this is my first real script:

    After launching the script it asks me for my network adapter, then asks me which URL I want to DNS spoof. It then edits the etter.dns with the given URL and your current network IP address. It then launches the Social Engineering Toolkit using the "set-automate" option to clone the URL. It then asks which IP addresses you want to ARP poison (or just poison the whole network), next it launches ettercap with the dns_spoof plugin enabled. Now anyone on the network that tries to access the URL is redirected to the S.E.T page and their details are logged. The script then gives you a "notify-send" pop-up to alert you that it has captured login details then emails those details to your email address, finally the script finds the PID's for ettercap and SET and kills them, restoring the network to normal.

    I find this handy for an unattended credentials harvester.

    I take no credit for use of SET and ettercap, this is just an automated script to launch a credential harvester.

    here's a demo:

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    Default Re: My first real script..

    Well, is there any chance you feel like sharking your script for testing or feedback?

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    Default Re: My first real script..

    i Think your vide went south.................

    Sorry, "dnsspoof" was deleted at 8:38:05 Mon Jun 13, 2011. We have no more information about it on our mainframe or elsewhere.

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    Default Re: My first real script..

    MOD EDIT: youtube link removed per the forum rules.

    There you go, I'll share it in a few days, I need to tidy it a little. I just wanted to show what can be done with set-automate.
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    Default Re: My first real script..

    OP Once you can post the video to a suitable site such as vimeo, ( as in the first post) or then PM me with the link and I will post it into the first post above and reopen the thread.
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