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Thread: Black screen after startx

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    Default Re: Black screen after startx

    I never had this problem before, everything booted up fine but when i install the AMD radeon HD 6xxxm linux_x86_64 drivers i get the black screen after startx. (i unzipped it, then sh./filename, then installed it then restart laptop). Anybody know why? Ive done the changing grub to add i915.modeset=1 (before i installed the drivers) so it isn't that. Its never happened before. BT r3 im using

    I have samsung chonos 7 AMD radeon HD 6750m

    Thankyou for the help.

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    Default Re: Black screen after startx

    Same problem.. After install latest ati drivers and reboot -> startx goes to blackscreen.

    Same drivers works on Mint. Tried almost all the suggestions from everywhere but cant get past this prob.

    If the "fglrx" driver is in xorg.conf then it goes to blackscreen.

    I have switchable gpu btw if its helpful.

    Any1 knows something more to help? Or should we wait for new base and kernel?

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