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Thread: Error trying to install Parallels Tools.

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    Exclamation Error trying to install Parallels Tools.

    This question has been posted already but never answered, I only need an answer if there has been a fix for this. I have looked over the entire forum and have not run across anything yet. I am running mac osx 10.6 with Parallels Desktop 6 and get an error every time i try to install guest tools. I have installed kernel source via prepare-kernel-sources and that did not fix the issue. Please let me know if there is a fix or if it's not worth my while trying to install, thank you .

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    Default Re: Error trying to install Parallels Tools.

    Could you be mode specific on the Error message ?
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    Default Re: Error trying to install Parallels Tools.

    Im using vmfusion, but looked found this on Parallels website....
    To install Parallels Tools make sure that your virtual machine is running. Choose Install Parallels Tools from the Actions menu. The complete setup is recommended.
    Dont think this Is a Backtrack issue.

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    Default Re: Error trying to install Parallels Tools.

    @sickness, I didn't realize my parallels was out of date and needed updating. I apologize for taking up forum space before exhausting ALL options, it seemed like a bt bug. You can delete this post if you would like, Ill write the other guy that asked and let him know the solution. Thank you.

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