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Thread: please clarify this instruction in the persistent usb install how-to

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    Liveusb also gave me loading problems. Unetbootin works great but no persistent choice. I did advertise some software above, but have not tried it yet, i might give it a blast and report back findings in a while

    Right i used the software as i advertised above, I got an image of Backtrack5 Gnome 64bit. added the Persistent Mode in the software which i think was about 1.6gb (Max left). Install to USB Pen went smoothly and had no problem booting it. So seems this is nice software and Free.
    Hope it helps others for this problem.
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    Default Re: Respuesta: Re: please clarify this instruction in the persistent usb install how-

    just a heads up towards your command while it will work you dont need to use the sudo command as you should already be running as root

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