I installed BT5 gnome 32 bit iso to a usb drive using unetbootin. Of course, i checked the md5 to make sure the image was healthy. Although the initial boot process is ok, the bt5 splash screen has distorted colors. Eventually i am dropped into root. Once i 'startx', the colors are way off again. The desktop is there, all the menus work but the pixel colors are off. Each pixel seems to have a random color so that the screen is barely legible, as if a layer of video 'snow noise' is covering the screen. Going to the display control panel does not offer any options to fix this. I can clean up the text by selecting the monochrome option. This problem occurs if i use either the kde or the gnome 32 bit distros. The md5 hashes are correct so i know the files are good.

I guess I could run Xorg -configure but any changes I make would only be temporary.

Is this a problem with the use of vesamenu.c32 because the splash screen that comes up during the inital boot is also off. How do i fix this?