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Heh, I like how you went all the way through the post, decided it would be illegal, then posted it anyway. To actually create this software is illegal in many countries. To distribute is illegal in many others. To own in illegal in even more. As cool as the idea would be, it's bad news all around for white hats. For black go for it, just don't distribute it via a site like this, which is not geared at all towards illegal activity.
was it that obvious ha, i just couldnt see the use of the google map otherwise but maybe i missed the point of it. So i got to thinking what it would be good for haha. After writing it and then realsing i thought, hell ill post it and see what others think. haha!

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Hi Friends,

Penetration testing tools are used by various sorts of personals both people with Honest intents and peoples with malicious intents, the tools i develop and make available to the public are for the purpose of testing ones network, finding holes in them and fixing them ALONE,I personally do not encourage Illegal activities,
There are many forums out there that allow discussions of illegal activities, I don’t post my tools there because of this, the major reason why i post my software releases here is because this site does not condone illegal discussions.

The Ghost Phisher tool has a disclaimer note on the about tab for users, for the other tools, i will have to add a disclaimer note on their subsequent update.

I hope this information clarifies the reason as to my release of software’s designed for auditing and pentesting
i understand i was just thinking outloud. Imagin if there was a game tho were special wifi points were setup around diffrent parts of the country and hackers had a set time to find and gain access to as many as they could.... that would be a good game ha war-drivers everywere haha