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Thread: Connecting to WPA2 Enterprise Networks

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    Default Connecting to WPA2 Enterprise Networks


    I'm testing a new wireless installation. We are using WPA2 AES encyrption with EAP-TLS authentication. I started the tests on my windows machine and then extracted my personal certificate in .pfx format and now trying to connect to the wireless network.

    However I'm not sure to which format I should convert the pfx file. The pfx file contains a private key, client cert, and two CA certs. I tried to extract the private key with openssl to a pem file, extract client key to a crt file and CA certs to another crt file. However I'm still getting a "Bad Password" error on connection.

    When we check the logs with the networks guys we see that I'm getting rejected by the Domain Controller.

    Anoyone else tried converting their pfx certificates into an appropriate format to be able to connect to WPA Enterprise connections with BackTrack?

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    Default Re: Connecting to WPA2 Enterprise Networks

    I've never done it myself but this might be worth reading through;

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