I'll be glad if you add my mtpass tool to the BT. I think it would be nice if there would be possibility to recovery password from (more popular each day) mikrotik/routeros platform using BackTrack. It recovers the password from mikrotik backup files, user.dat file (copied from data partition) and even from full partition dumps. I am receiving plenty e-mails from users which have trouble compiling this tool - if it will be on BT - there will be no problem at all for those kind of people. Besides i could provide a full tutorial to recover password using BackTrack LiveCD only.
Many people find this tool very useful and i have very much greetings for it. The tool is really small, written in c++ and doesn't depend on specific libraries besides openssl.
I really appreciate if you could add it

Project homepage: MikroTik Password Recovery
Tarball location: http://manio.skyboo.net/mikrotik/mtpass-0.6.tar.bz2

Build instructions:
For compilation the openssl development libraries are required. On ubuntu and debian the package is called libssl-dev.
After this to build my tool just extract the sources and type make.

Example output (recovering password from backup file):
$ mtpass MikroTik-03062009-2106.backup
mtpass v0.6 - MikroTik RouterOS password recovery tool, (c) 2008-2010 by manio

Reading file MikroTik-03062009-2106.backup, 358255 bytes long

Rec# | Username        | Password           | Disable flag   | User comment
1    | lukas           | <BLANK PASSWORD>   |                |
2    | admin           | qwerty1234         |                | system default user
3    | radius          | 123radius456       |                |