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Thread: bypassing mac filters?

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    Yes its my old linksys router, and just trying to learn some new things, and sorry if I don't know that much about it, again I'm new. Also sorry for delay, my posts do not show up right away. I did not put any encryption on it to try and keep it simple, also said it was a WRT54G. Not really focused on just a linksys router exploit though, more of a general way for hacking any router. Would be cool to try any thing like that though. Kinda funny though that with just a filter makes the network uncrackable. I have not had any luck with cracking wpa yet so if it would help crack it would putting a wep key with mac filter make it easier? I know how to crack wep just not sure how to crack a filter without a client on. And current don't want to try wpa with a filter yet seems to be very complex.

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    Quote Originally Posted by funnybob View Post
    I know how to crack wep just not sure how to crack a filter without a client on.
    Like TAPE said early on in the piece, you can brute force it with mdk3, or you can wait around.

    There are some older routers that will glitch if you don't have a *valid* mac in there, so try with a 11:22:33:44:55:66 address (or all zeroes etc.). On the whole though, if you can't sniff a client, or you can't brute force a MAC you're SOL. Another thought occurs - an old pentest revealed that if you could detect a wired MAC it would (in some cases) let you inject frames on the wireless side. I found this out by accident, misread a capture file.

    Basically, just try things out and see what happens. You never know.
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