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Thread: [>] HowTo Make a valid Thread.

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    Default [>] HowTo Make a valid Thread.

    NOTE: This will be a quick example that will show you how a thread should look like.

    In this thread I will be a user which is having trouble getting his wireless card working so I decide to make a thread asking for help.

    Step 1: Searching

    NOTE: Before opening a thread make sure you read our Wiki, FAQ and do a bit of searching on the internet, in most cases the time you wait for your thread to be moderated + the time for someone to respond to it is a lot grater than the time it will take you to find a solution by searching.

    Now wheather you realize it or not most of your issues can be found by doing some simple searching, so in our case we will check:

    - The Backtrack Wiki
    - The Aircrack-ng website
    - Google

    We are going to pretend that we could not find any useful information here and move on with creating our thread.

    Step 2: Creating an appropriate thread

    * The Thread Title:

    If we take a look at the Forum Rules we can see the following:

    Use sensible descriptive titles in your posts.
    This means you will have to correctly choose a thread title in order to give the readers a clue about what that thread might contain. So do not choose titles similar to: "Help!!!", "Wireless not working", "Need Assistance!", etc.

    * Introduction:

    The first thing of your thread should contain a short write-up describing your problem.

    * Necessary details:

    After a description of your problem you need to provide the necessary details so that people will be able to assist you.
    By necessary details I refer to:
    - Backtrack version (KDE/GNOME, Arhitecture)
    - Backtrack installation (VM, HDD, USB)
    - Basic output of commands (ifconfig, iwconfig, lspci, lsusb, dmesg, etc.)
    - An error message (if any)
    - Links to the same problem (if any)
    - Solutions tried and their result


    Let's see how this thread should look like.
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