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Thread: Hydra error every ~5 minutes (all childrens are dead)

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    Question Hydra error every ~5 minutes (all childrens are dead)


    I am currently playing with the de-ice pentest disk 1.120 a. I am running hydra against ssh with the 50 user names I have and the darkc0de.lst password list.

    The problem is hydra keeps crashing every 5-6 minutes, only saying "all childrens (sic) are dead".

    Running BT5 from the hard drive on a netbook with an Atom processor and 1 GB RAM. De-ice is running on another computer with a dual-core Intel 2.53 GHz CPU with 4 GB RAM for the host as a VirtualBox machine with 1 GB RAM, connected in bridged mode.

    I checked with free and top and the BT5 box has pretty low CPU usage (30-40%) and 160-220 MB free RAM at all times.

    Any suggestions to prevent / troubleshoot the crashes?

    I previously tried another disk (de-ice 1.110 or 1.100) with less tasks (-t 4) and a different protocol (ftp) to no avail.

    I wrote the following wrapper script as /usr/local/bin/echidna which makes it restart automatically, but a more permanent solution would be appreciated.

    echo `date` Starting Hydra.
    hydra $@ > /root/echidna.log #Overwrites the previous log
    while [ $? -ne 0 ]
    	echo `date` Error encountered, restarting Hydra.
    	hydra -R >> /root/echidna.log
    echo `date` Process complete.
    Simply run "grep password /root/echidna.log" to see any found passwords.
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