I first played around with backtrack with virtual box on XP. I finally then partitioned my hd and had XP with BT. BT then became very laggy, although it was still usable. From there I then used google, this forum (as well as others) and found no solution to lag. Most lag issues I found were dealing with a virtual machine or booting off a USB drive. So, I figured I'll just erase XP and use BT as main operating system. (I did this because since I have installed BT on my pc I havnt touched XP and thought this could be the problem) So BT is the only OS on my pc now and it is still laggy. Its as if everything moves in really slow motion, things take a little longer to open, and at first it was doable but now its getting beyond annoying.

I've been reading a lot on linux and doing a lot of research. I just have no idea why BT is doing this to me, as I have seen no similar issue. I'd love to be able to use linux (especially bt) because I find that linux > any other OS the more I learn.

If there is anywhere on this forum that deals with this exact problem, I'd love to read it. I have searched this forum but there is a chance that I missed it. Any help with be AMAZING, and I thank you all ahead of time for your replies.

my laptop info

Dell XPS M1530
HD - 250g
Ram - 4G

As of now under the BT infocenter

Total Physical Mem - 3.44gb
Free Physical Mem - 2.88gb
Shared mem - 0
disk buffers - 22.5mb
disk cache - 270mb

Total swap and free swap the same at 9.48GB

All memory is mostly free... ><

Anyhelp would be great. =)

Thanks for your time