Hi, I'v been reading alot about BT5 and I finaly decided to instal it via bootable USB using unetbootin. Everything works fine, I log on with root/toor, enter startx.
Then I wanted to crack my wpa2 connection to test it and get more familiar with it so I followed this video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qF92x-coHeE
Here are my problems: (I use wlan0 and mon0 also)
1) after I type airodump-ng mon0, root@bt:-# dissapear and I cannot follow the remaining steps, also I can't highlight or copy the BBSID
2) even if I can't do anything without stopping the search, I let the program run a bit to see if it'd find my network...it found it at start + 2 other WEP protected networks, but after a little while it disappeared from the BSSID and I could only see the 2 WEP.

I googled and googled trying to find solutions but people don't seem to have the exact same problem, I also read a lot about the terminal and the commands and this post is my last resort :O

Thank you for help.

PS: I don't know if I'm in the good section /duh my bad.