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Thread: Android Tether in BT5...

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    Default Android Tether in BT5...

    I have a rooted Droid 2 Global and use a Wireless Tether for my internet connection. This works great in Win 7 but I can not get WICD in Backtrack to connect. It goes as far as obtaining an IP addy and then never goes any farther. Any ideas, I am still kind of new to Linux.

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    Default Re: Android Tether in BT5...

    +1 - Same problem here

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    note: you need the Android SDK with platform-tools installed

    How to tether your (rooted) Android via USB
    Tested with CM7 rom ( rooted Nexus Hero )

    connect your Android to linux box via USB

    Find your external ( rmnet0 / tiwlan0 ) ipaddress:
    Method 1:
    note your rmnet0 / tiwlan0 / = public ip address

    Method 2:
    adb shell
    #busybox ifconfig
    note your rmnet0 ip address

    ( if you are connected to the internet via wifi , subsitute tiwlan0 for rmnet0 )

    on your Android:
    start USB tethering

    in BT4 / linux..
    #ifconfig usb0 up

    open WiCD,
    set wired interface to usb0
    set DNS1 to your rmnet0 ipaddress

    enjoy interwebs!

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    When I tether to my g1 I just run:
    dhclient usb0
    Substitute usbX for whichever your phone is set as.

    Try running 'dhclient usb0', your phone may be set as a different id though
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    Default Re: Android Tether in BT5...

    Use wired tether, works much better, and really, if you're using BackTrack, do you really want to be announcing your presence with a new "hotspot" in the area??
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    Default Re: Android Tether in BT5...

    Wicked cool...thanks a ton guys!

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