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Thread: How good is BT5 ditro for everyday use

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    Default How good is BT5 ditro for everyday use

    I was going to build a distro over at susestudio, until I found this one. But I'm just curious how good is this distro for everyday use. I know it was made with a specific purpose in mind, but could you just use it as your everyday OS?

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    Default Re: How good is BT5 ditro for everyday use

    Well Backtrack evolved over the years and depending what you have to do every day it depends if you could use BT5 for it or not.
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    Default Re: How good is BT5 ditro for everyday use

    I use it as often as my Windows 7 machine. I don't have openoffice or something like that installed. Just VLC for music and video's. Google chrome for webbrowsing, GIMP for image manipulation, Transmission, Pidgin, Cheese and some other stuff. Everything works just fine ! You can use it for everyday purposes, but don't come here if you have issues with them If you are good at solving errors, it should be no problems.

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    Default Respuesta: Re: How good is BT5 ditro for everyday use

    I have been using it for about 3 weeks as the primary system on my netbook. Xorg crashed a few times and gnome seems to lose my settings (background, panel icons / applets) every so often, but overall it works decently...

    But then, I have been using linux servers for over 10 years and as a desktop for over 4 years, so yes, you CAN use it as a primary OS, it just comes down to how comfortable you are with Linux.

    You can just always just install it and leave some free space on your partition. Then once you see how you feel about using it as a primary OS you can either install suse to dual-boot or resize your partition or mount the free space somewhere.

    Good luck!

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    Default Re: How good is BT5 ditro for everyday use

    I use it as my main OS and I haven't found anything I can't do with it aside from watching netflix on it due to DRM.

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