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Thread: bt does not detect card

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    Angry bt does not detect card

    Hi I apologize in advance for my English because I come from a Polish (google translate)
    I have a problem because I have such a card which I bought for me to be a substantial sum, and I thought that it will be all about because I'm so commended .. .
    command passed in August for nothing because Backtrack does not detect my card on Linux [b] lsusb [/ b] shows the card is plugged in the usb but already commands [b] airmon-ng [/ b] or [b] iwconfig [/ b ] show a complete lack of katy plugged into the computer: (
    You have already a ready-made versions of Linux that immediately after activating the livecd or installed will be ready to crack wifi?

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    Default Re: bt does not detect card

    The link isn't working. So which chipset does the card use?
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