Hi folks,

I use BT5 on my management network to perform internal audits of my network, and for automated responses to observed (malicious) traffic via snort... I have something new that I'm interested in adding to this box... automated uninstalls of 'blacklisted' applications.

Specifically, I wish to write a script (don't need help with the script) that will enumerate each PC on my domain, connect through WMIC, enumerate installed programs, compare said programs to a list of known bad programs, and then uninstall any bad programs it finds. The script itself will be simple...

My problem is that I cannot seem to find a WMI client for BT... the wmi-client package does not appear to be in any of the BT5 repos.

Does anyone have any recommendations on alternative clients? Would it be a bad idea for me to add a different repo which does have it, get the source, and compile it (understanding that I may need to monkey with the code to make it compile)?