I have been having problems getting my Intel 4965 xxx WiFi card to go into monitor mode. I think I may have found a work around but the instructions say I need a kernel configured with these options:

You need to make sure that your kernel configuration includes these options. Pay attention which are to be build as modules and which can be built-in.

Networking -> Wireless :
[M] Improved wireless configuration API[*] nl80211 new netlink interface support[*] Wireless extensions
[M] Generic IEEE 802.11 Networking Stack (mac80211)

If they exist, these should be either unchecked or modularized:

[M] Generic IEEE 802.11 Networking Stack (DEPRECATED)
[M] IEEE 802.11 WEP encryption (802.1x)
[M] IEEE 802.11i CCMP support
[M] IEEE 802.11i TKIP encryption
[M] Software MAC add-on to the IEEE 802.11 networking stack

Basically I need to know if BT5 is set up for this already.