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Thread: Script for sniffing traffic (port to arm)

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    Default Script for sniffing traffic (port to arm)

    Hi everyone !
    As the admin at asked me to, I ported my script YAMAS ( for BT-ARM distros.

    This version only uses ettercap for the moment, but if it meets the same relative "success" as the two other versions, working on implementing new stuff like arpspoof, dns poisoning, etc. would be an option !

    - The script supports targeting single or multiple targets, as well as the whole network
    - You can scan the network to discover live hosts.
    - You can add targets after attack is launched
    - The sniffed traffic is parsed on the fly to display credentials as they are sniffed
    - You can manipulate the real-time parsing according to your liking

    EDIT :
    The available version was fully ported from maemo's by J0hnny b14z3 ! You can download it at !

    Thanks to Johnny for the awesome work !
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    Running both KDE and GNOME BT5 flawlessly. Thank you !

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