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Thread: My Fast-Track Fix

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    Lightbulb My Fast-Track Fix

    I've spent a lot of time trying to get my autopwn working after numerous issues with the database drivers. Here's what I did to get it fully functional.

    1. You have postgresql installed and you have a valid username and password.

    1. Open in gedit (or nano).
    #gedit /pentest/exploits/fasttrack/bin/ftsrc/

    2. Scroll to the bottom.

    # define metasploit path
    meta_path=file("%s/config/fasttrack_config" % (definepath),"r").readlines()
    for line in meta_path:
        if match:
    #------------ ABOVE THIS LINE HAS NOT BEEN MODIFIED ------------
       dropdb = pexpect.spawn('dropdb -e -U postgres -W pentest')
       print "\nExisting database destroyed\n"
    # replace postres with your username and pentest with your database
    # replace toor with your password associated with that username
    # at this point the database should be destroyed...
    except Exception:
       print "\nDatabase could not be destroyed.\n"
    # ...or we fail
    # spawn msfc
       child1 = pexpect.spawn('%smsfconsole' % (metapath))
    # load postgresql driver
       child1.sendline ('db_driver postgresql')
    # connect to new db with your credentials and database
       child1.sendline('db_connect postgres:toor@')
    # run port scans
       child1.sendline ('''db_nmap %s ''' % (ipaddr))
    # run exploitation phase
       child1.sendline ('db_autopwn -p -t -e %s' % (option1))
       child1.sendline ('sleep 5')
       child1.sendline ('jobs -K')
       child1.sendline ('\n\n\n')
       child1.sendline ('sessions -l')
    # jump to pid
    except Exception:
           print "\n    Exiting Fast-Track...\n"

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    Default Re: My Fast-Track Fix

    After struggling for nearly a day.....a fix!!...I couldn't figure out how to drop the old database...thank you so much!

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