i tried searching for something along the lines of lvm support or mounting partitions, and i see qparted, which i didnt see before. other than qparted, which i have to muck around with, is there any other lvm functionality in B|T2?

i had a box go down on me, and i wanted to use B|T to boot the box, and read off a couple of ISOs to burn, and i couldnt even see both IDE drives on the machine. it saw the /boot partition of the first disk, the swap space as the second partition, and the lv's on the third partition showed up as additional swap space.

the second disk didnt even show up. i know both disks are good, cause i can boot the box into init 3 and get to all my data. it so happens that samba and X are hosed on me, but the box will boot. i think the nvidia drivers and kernel update hosed X, but thats a different issue.

what i was looking to find out is if lvm functionality is part of B|T2, and if not, could it be included in future versions of B|T?