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Thread: Asus EeePC 701SD

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    Default Asus EeePC 701SD

    - Intel Celeron M 900MHz
    - Intel 915GM
    - Atheros 5001 (Aftermarket GIGABYTE GN-WS50G)
    - Attansic Ethernet Controller

    bt4f works great with the 701SD. Upgraded to a 64GB MiniPCIe SSD (SuperTalent FPM64GRSE). Works very fast. You must update BIOS to 0802 for SATA support.

    The built in camera was tested with Skype. Works fine.

    No function keys like WiFi on/off, volume, brightness. No biggie. Love this little machine.
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    Default Re: Asus EeePC 701SD

    I've been unable to get airodump-ng to pick up traffic using the default wireless drivers provided with bt4 final, despite the fact that the drivers work for normal usage with the wicd connection manager. I think I'm going to have to get rtl8187se drivers going as per these instructions before aircrack-ng is able to function properly.

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