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Thread: Running in to constant "command not found" issues

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    Default Running in to constant "command not found" issues

    I'm pretty new to BT in general, but I do have minor experience with linux. Unfortunately, while attempting to run dnsmap and any of the other commands that came with BT5, I keep running in to an error. "Command not found," seems to be the predominate error. If I click on "Applications > BackTrack >" and then attempt to use ANY of the tools that relate to the terminal, I always get a command not found. I ran an apt-cache find dnsmap on my system to try and find it, and BT came back saying that nothing had been found, but when I click on "dnsmap," it is clearly there as part of the installation. Is there something that I've done wrong? Can anyone point me in the right direction? When I attempted to google this, I did find some answers, but none of the answers related to my concern and were actually more geared towards BT2 as I did find a tutorial for dnsmap in the OLD forum section. Nothing else seems to help.

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    Default Re: Running in to constant "command not found" issues

    Check MD5sum before burning/installing. Try resetting PATH variables. Hope this is useful.

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