i have used bt4 r2 in virtual box in the past just for the pen test tools but now i bought a new net-book that came with win 7 starter so obviously i removed it as soon as i took it out of the box and replaced it with bt 5 gnome 32bit for my main os. and now i am having some problems with certain programs like vlc. the apt-get install vlc command works but once vlc is installed it wont open. also none of the volume controls in bt5 work. if i try to configure them i get a Waiting for sound system to respond message and nothing happens. i assumed that seance the version i downloaded was gnome it would basically be Ubuntu 10.4 with all the pen test tools and bt background but the doesn't seem to be the case. it seems to be a very basic pen test os and that's it. if any one has any suggestions like repositories or something i need to do it would be appreciated.