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Thread: annoying bt5 issues

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    Default annoying bt5 issues

    BT5 has, for me, been a bit of a pain compared to BT4 R1. I'm not going to document every issue, but these two are starting to grate my nerves:

    1) For some reason BT5 can't decide if my adapter (rtl8187) should be wlan0 or wlan1. There is no wlan0, but for some reason it now uses wlan1. It's a pain if you have a bunch of scripts and aliases which used to work with wlan0, plus I have to look it up every time I plug it in (which is *frequently*).

    2) I don't know if this was due to me being incredibly lucky, but I never had to airmon-ng stop my USB wifi adapter when I plugged it in. I could run airodump-ng to monitor or iwconfig to manage, but now something is putting it in some default mode. It's a pain because when switching modes it was far easier to replug the device, killing my air* processes and so forth.

    I also find BT5 to be a lot less stable than BT4. In fact, I don't ever recall BT4 R1 locking up on me, but this has happened several times with BT5.

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    Default Re: annoying bt5 issues

    A better idea than complaining would be to actually document the issues you seem to be having and then report them here. We can not improve BT if we only get "it doesn't work like Bt4 did" type of posts.
    As for 1 above this is not likely a BT issue but try
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    Default Re: annoying bt5 issues

    I solved #1 by deleting /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules

    I'm hoping to solve #2 by finding out what wifi-based services are running and to shut them down. Havent' found any yet. Is it just me or has linux become an unruly mess since the slackware days? It has more standard processes than OS X!

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