So I managed to install pyrit with CUDA support and configured MySQL DB.
Now I want to "import_password" to DB, as you know it takes a lot of time to generate, so I'm taking it careful. I made old computer "The big DB storage" to store all hashes.

I'm afraid of wordlists saved as windows txt file format.

I quote coWPAty fail:
I spend the next month or so with a couple CPU's cranking away on the data, generating 1000 SSID's worth of hash tables from a 172,000 word dictionary. Towards the end I decided to test the hash files and get some metrics on how fast they computed. I setup a workstation to talk to a WPA-PSK AP with a passphrase that was known to be in the dictionary and captured the nessecary hash. I launched the attack with the coWPAtty 3.0 beta's and it was'nt finding the key. Eventually with Joshua Wrights help we dicovered where I'd screwed up. The password list had been saved in windows txt file format, leaving a hidden return character at the end of each line. This return character was being hashed in as part of the password giving me all wrong results!
Simply cos of that, all hashes were generated in wrong way.

I'm not gonna screw like this haha...ONE MONTH for nothing..funny huh?

So...what format it should be, coded, utf-8, ansi ?
I simply can check file by Midnight Commander by pressing <F4> ( Edit File )
It shows this ( look pic ):

Also wordlist goes wrong if I save it as Unicode.

The problem is AkelPad can't open big files. I tried once and my PC looped for 3 mins and then I got error "not enough RAM" ( lol he tried to load 900 mb )

What programs can fix these dicts saved in wrong way for linux and windows. How do YOU fix it ? How do I check BIG wordlists for hidden return character ( MC -> F4 can't open big text files )

ansi, iso, utf-8, 0Ah, DAh, windows format, hiden return bla bla bla...jesus christ.

PS: Sry for grama, not my native.