i try to encode and bind with msfencode. iam using this command:

msfencode -i /root/Desktop/daten/myfile.exe -e x86/shikata_ga_nai -c 3 -x /root/Desktop/daten/calc.exe -k -o /root/Desktop/daten/myNEWfile.exe

when i got it right then is -i my file which i want to encode, -e which encoder i wanna use, -c x describes how many times -x describes what other process will be spawned and -o is just the output file.

iam aware of the fact that .exe files can be currpted at the encoding process, but when iam using -c 1 it seems to be broken. when i copy the output file which is 1x encoded with shikata to my windows lab computer, i get the message " Program to big to fit in memory ".

then i thought ok, we dont bind, just encode, same result -> " Program to big to fit in memory ".

Can anybody help ?

thx in advance

ps: the myfile.exe is a self written tool, its very robust..normaly.