Hello again everyone, I left off my last hope of getting BT to work on my laptop since the card slot might not be supported. I have a new problem now with another laptop I am using.

When i start Kismet if I leave it in auto mode it works for like 3 min, the min I change the mode to select the AP i want to view, it just stops. Under one option it says 3 clients connected, but I dont see the clients mac that are connected.

Prob #2

When I start up Airodump all I see are the 20 APs that are around me but when someone connects to it I dont see a section that would say station and show me there mac address either. I have tried a few different BT cd's is there some wrong that I am doing here?

This is the airodump command I am using

# airodump-ng --ivs --write file_name --channel 11 ath0