BT5 is simply great.

My dlink dwl-g122 verE1 worked fine from first step for everything i used it till now (airodump, aireplay, airmon in hopping and fixed chan modes, so mainly for sniffing and injecting; not for connection/association to AP).

The first issue experienced is related to 4-handshake detection via airodump-ng.
Below you can find details about environment and issue specific data (command+message result).

I'll try to be short: sniffing my ap wpa-psk protected i can deauth successfully the client (i can see increasing traffic packet, lost etc), but airodump-ng is not capturing handshake (confirmed: aircrack captured_packets.cap return 0 handshake).
I think that i have to move my card modulation to the same of AP, that is 11g, 54M.
Unfortunately iwpriv is not supported,see at the end; and iwconfig return an error as described below.

Probably is due rt2800usb drivers, that are not supporting those cmds yet.
If yes, is there a plan to have rt2800usb with proper support integrated?

BT5 in VMWare
Wifiusb dongle dlink dwl-g122 verE1, detected with drivers rt2800usb (based on mac80211)

iwconfig mon0 modulation 11g
Error for wireless request
"Set Modulation" (8B2F):
set failed on device mon0;
operation not supported

iwpriv mon0 mode 2
private ioctls not supported

Thanks a lot,