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    Default Question about the OSWP certification

    Hey guys, I'm sorry but I'm not sure where to put this question so mods if it's in the wrong place or there's a better one for it feel free to close it and let me know, or move it.

    I am interested in taking the OSWP (Offensive Security Wireless Professional) exam so I went to the website and signed up, got the pre-reg email, returned the registration form asking me some questions about my background, then received the post-reg email informing me that I needed to go to the website and input CC information to officially register for the course.

    I noticed in reading the post-reg email that it said I will receive a link to download BT3 along with my course materials. Is that test really that outdated? I don't really want to drop $350 on a test that utilizes an OS that is two releases behind. Also I have heard that the OSWP exam is pointed very heavily at WEP which I am not terribly interested in learning because I already have a lot of experience with cracking WEP. It seems that $350 is a lot to pay for a course to teach me how to use an outdated version of aircrack just to receive a piece of paper that says OSWP on it.

    Is there a more current version of this cert which uses current technologies, WPA/WPA2 and BT4 or BT5? Or maybe another one I should look into like the CWSP from Cisco? I love the Offensive Security style of testing with hands-on tests as opposed to multiple choice book-smarts garbage, but I'm afraid with this one I might just be throwing away my money on something I already know.

    Thanks in advance.
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