Hello this is my first post and my first time I post in english xD so maybe you find some mistake in my writing.
I think this is the best section where I can post my problem.
Well, first my problem when I leave BT5 is that after leave BT5 my screen becomes black and appear white lines moving up to down and I can't see anything more.

My laptop's model is ADVANCE U40SIIC
Processor is intel core 2 duo T5750 2 GHz
Memory 2048 RAM
I installed a BT5-KDE-32bits with my windows 7
I have SiS Mirage 3 Graphics
SiS672 series
Presentation mode 1280x800 (32 bit) (60 Hz)
Monitor PnP generico

I installed with the option "installed with other System operating" and I clicked "forward" then "instal" and that's all.

I am newbie so I don't know what more information give you, if you need more information to solve this problem I will give it.