Hi All,

I installed BT5r3 on a 32 GB SD Card. The installation is persistent and I put grub of the MBR of the SD card itself ( /dev/mmcblk0 ).
As I turn on the laptop, and choose from the bios boot menu the SD card, grub loads stage 1 but does not even load the menu.

What I get is
error: out of disk
and Grub drops to the "grub rescue" command prompt.

From the grub rescue prompt, I can do ls command and it returns the partition list hd(0), hd(0,1), hd(1) hd(1,1).
Given that hd(0,1) is my card primary partition, I do ls hd(0,1)/ and I get the list of BT5 filesystem directories.
Unfortunately, if I try to do something like ls hd(0,1)/boot/ I get again "error: out of disk"
This happens for every subdirectory.

Does anybody know what I should do in order to boot the system, and/or if any bug is known and the corresponding fix exists?

Thank you