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Thread: Tool request for UCSniff 3.10

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    Default Tool request for UCSniff 3.10


    Can you please include UCSniff 3.10 in BT5. UCSniff is the only GUI VoIP and IP Video sniffer pentest tool, and it also supports Realtime audio and video monitoring, with an embedded media player, for eavesdropping in realtime on a private VoIP / Video call.

    We've tested UCSniff to compile on BT5, the compile steps are:
    ./configure --enable-gui
    make && make install

    More complete installation instructions can be found at:

    Note: For the "Realtime Video Monitor" feature of UCSniff 3.10, it requires libvlc 1.1.x. BT5/Ubuntu 10.04 LTS comes with libvlc 1.0.x - not libvlc 1.1.x. If there is any way you could help us out with getting libvlc 1.1.x onto BT5 (via source or debian package), we could enable the "RealTime Video Monitor" feature of UCSniff 3.10 (--enable-libvlc). To manually compile libvlc 1.1.x requires many dependencies, so perhaps a debian package of 1.1.x on BT5 will be preferred. Or, we can just wait until a future version of BT supports libvlc 1.1.x by default. Aside from Video Monitoring feature of UCSniff 3.10, all other features are working on BT5


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    Default Re: Tool request for UCSniff 3.10

    You can install updated vlc 1.1.10 easily with the use of an Ubuntu vlc ppa added to your system sources file. I have done this with BT5 gnome and built ucsniff with all options except debug without issue.

    Commands to add ppa source

    add-apt-repository ppa:lucid-bleed/ppa
    apt-get update

    you can then install updated versions of vlc and libvlc which will work with ucsniff to build it with live video support. This ppa does have other things in it but nothing I see should break anything else in your backtrack5.

    Hope that works for you.

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    Default Respuesta: Tool request for UCSniff 3.10

    I also think it could be interesting to include it. VLC repositories worked for me as shown in the last article:


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