Hello all,

I have noticed over the past few days that my USB transfer speeds have been extremely slow in some instances. Moving or copying a 3GB folder from the root directory of the flash drive to my Desktop directory took nearly an hour and a half. The Device Notifier also seems to become "bugged" after completing a few writing operations to and from the flash drive and my laptop, resulting with me waiting ages for the flash drive to properly unmount.

When trying to unmount the flash drive from the Device Notifier by clicking the eject button, the ring just keeps spinning while the LEDs on the flash keep blinking as if it's still being accessed.

Has anyone else experienced any sort of problems like this or am I just being impatient? It's always possible that it may just be my hardware.

I'm running the x86_x64 KDE BT5 distro with the most recent updates on an MSI GX740 laptop (now discontinued, makes you wonder) with 4GBs of RAM and USB 2.0.

Any comments are greatly appreciated! Thank you!